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BookiePro.fun represents one of the most popular sports betting exchanges in the world. This is actually a specially designed betting application which was launched in 2018 in the eve of FIFA World Cup 2018. This was the first time when bettors had a chance to place bets on their mobile devices. After a short period of time, BookiePro.fun has added a few more sports in its offer. It’s good to point out that BookiePro.fun was built for the Peerplays blockchain. The basic idea is to allow people from all over the world to place bets with play tokens. As a betting exchange, BookiePro.fun is letting users place bets against each other not against the bookie itself. Finally, we should also mention that BookiePro.fun is a decentralized betting exchange which means that there is no single company, individual or central authority that owns and manages BookiePro.fun.

Bonuses & Promotions

BookiePro.fun doesn’t provide a welcome bonus or any other type of bonus to the players. In addition, it doesn’t offer any promotions. That’s quite logical because there is no centralized authority behind it. Compared to other betting exchanges, this betting exchange application is offering more than fair commission fees which can probably be considered to be a good bonus.


This is another thing that makes BookiePro.fun special. Namely, bettors can use only one payment method on BookiePro.fun – BetFun token. This is a play token created exclusively for this application. It’s a crypto asset that you can turn into cryptocurrency.

Bet on Sports

Players can place bets on many different sporting events on this app. It actually depends on the preferences of bettors because after all, they are competing against each other. The events are available a few days before they actually start. Of course, football is the most popular sport found on BookiePro.fun. There are also many major sports tournaments and in this case, the matches are available a few weeks in advance. It is expected that the betting offer will be expanded in the near future.

Loyalty Rewards & VIP

At this moment, BookiePro.fun doesn’t have any loyalty rewards and VIP programs in the offer. The whole point of this betting exchange is to provide equal opportunities to all players.

Customer Service

BookiePro.fun is offering a few customer support options. First of all, they have detailed FAQ pages where you can find answers to many questions. You can also join their BookiePro Telegram channel. In addition, you can find this website on Twitter, Steemit, and Reddit. BookiePro.fun has a lively community on Bitcointalk too where members will answer all the questions you may have.

Join BookiePro Now

In case you want to use a reliable betting exchange, you can definitely count on BookiePro.fun. This is the world’s first betting exchange application that relies on cryptocurrency which was launched a few months ago (before the World Cup 2018). It has a smooth design and offers many betting options. Download the app today and witness the power of mobile betting exchanges yourself!