Webmasters & Bookmaker affiliate programs

Betting on sports is big business and if you spend all day watching sports, well why not start your own site focused on betting on sports? Many of the best betting websites are run by people that live and breathe sports. Some of them have niche websites focused on individual sports like hockey, football or tennis. Whatever it is, it helps to find your niche and market and create content that your readers want to read and follow. 

How does it all work?

The ads you want to setup are with sportsbook affiliate programs where you get revenue share or CPA commissions from your traffic. It is really not that difficult other than looking out for your players and working with reputable bookmakers. Likewise if you want to cover other forms of gambling there are other popular topics you might be interested in such as:

If you are looking for guidance and advice getting started, we recommend you check out Gaffg.com which is a webmaster resource focused on gambling affiliate programs. 

Some popular sportsbetting affiliate programs