Betting Exchanges

Betting Exchanges have been around for many years with Betfair as one of the earlier betting exchanges to exist. Betfair are not the only players in the market although there truly are a limited number of betting exchange sportsbooks around. At least with the ones that do exist are some quality sites. 

So which betting exchanges can you play at?

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Betting Exchanges

Betfair is acknowledged as the leader in betting exchanges for being online the longest while newcomers in the market are Matchbook and Smarkets with both gaining popularity amonst punters. We personally see a bright future for both especially Matchbook which also features an online casino.

Ladbrokes is a new player on the market finally offering an exchange even though they own Betdaq. 

Betting Exchanges Explained

The simplest way to explain it is that a betting exchange is done between 2 players rather than a player betting on sports with odds provided by the bookmaker. With the betting exchange, one player can offer the odds and it is up to the other player to decide if they want to take those odds or not. Essentially you have more choices if you want to accept another person's bet or offer the odds yourself. 

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