World Series of Baseball 2015 Preview

In Baseball, by on Sep 27, 2015
The World Series of Baseball is really the only time of the year that baseball is exciting, that and when your team is winning and challenging for an elusive playoff spot. Going into the postseason there seems to be a few elite teams that people are now expecting to go deep in the playoffs and challenge for a title. Of course any team that makes the playoff can always represent a chance of an upset and no series is guaranteed.

Toronto Blue Jays

torontobluejaysToronto hasn't been in the playoffs in like forever and their fans have plenty of reason to be happy. Being stuck in the division with Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees is never a good thing with those 2 teams taking 1 or 2 playoff spots each year, and year after year. Canadian fans have had a hard time getting behind the Jays for a long time because there is no salary cap and Boston and New York would typically spend close to $200 million per year on their team and it makes it difficult to compete. This year Toronto has gone all in and picked up David Price and Troy Tulowitzki representing 2 blockbuster trades. These moves by Toronto management signalled they were serious about challenging this year and ever since that point they have been the hottest team in the majors. Toronto really has everything going for them and they look like they could win the entire American League this post season and home field advantage would certainly be a boost. Toronto fans are already going crazy as the team is finally getting sellouts and fans have remembered what post season baseball is like in the city. In a city that has featured a dismal Toronto Maple Leafs, the city won't have any trouble getting behind the Blue Jays.

St. Louis Cardinals

If you look at the St. Louis Cardinals team and their record this year, they are definitely one of the teams to consider for the National League for going to the World Series. The team may no longer have Albert Pujols anymore whom has helped win some championships in 2006 and 2011. The team recently lost Carlos Martinez to a shoulder injury and the team is really battling all sorts of injuries and despite that have a win record of close to 65%.

Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh is right behind St. Louis Cardinals for 1st place in the National League and the team is having a great season where everyone is expecting them to go far.

Chicago Cubs

It's been well over 100 years since winning a World Series title and is something Toronto Maple Leaf fans shouldn't laugh at either. This team is truly cursed, not sure you'd want to bet on them at all. Where to bet on baseball There are many quality bookmakers to bet on baseball. A few recommended ones are: At Guts sportsbook they have a recently relaunched sportsbook that is top quality and highly recommended. guts screenshot