Ukraine vs Poland Betting Tips

In Euro 2016, by on Jun 20, 2016

Ukraine vs. Poland EURO 2016 Group Stage – Group C Game 3 Tuesday, June 21, 2016 – Marseille, France Odds: Ukraine 10/3, Draw 5/2, Poland 21/20 Our Play: No Play For live odds visit Bet365 sportsbook or Smarkets betting exchange For latest odds you can check a few recommended sportsbooks and betting exchanges

Ukraine has been battered all over the span of their EURO group stage campaign. Let us not forget that this team was a favorite to vie for the Group C crown and highly regarded and revered as a premiere football team that was up and coming on both the European and international stage. So far Ukraine has not lived up to the billing, as they have yet to score one goal in group play and have surrendered four total goals (two each in consecutive fixtures). Enter Poland, a team that defeated Northern Ireland and drew Germany. Yet, the Polish are just above evens in this offering when for all intent and purposes this team should be positioned as a heavy favorite. One of two conclusions can be inferred from this scenario. First, oddsmakers are going down with the ship on their propensity with Ukraine and further overvaluing them when they are likely a 5/1 pooch. Second, Poland is susceptible for a letdown and the market is trying to curtail as much Polish steam as possible with the prognostication a draw is fostered. Either which way, the friendly odds coming in after an impressive result against an overvalued World Champion suggests that this market has a lot of deception intertwined in the numbers. Furthermore, we have to question Ukraine. Like Albania, Russia and Turkey, the Ukrainians motivation may be in question after they have bene humiliated in the early going. The question remains whether or not Ukraine picks themselves up and dusts themselves off and try to grab a late three points to sneak in to a wildcard position or do they simply lay down and lick their wounds against the Polish? With this narrative as nebulous as ever, it is hard to form a position on which Ukraine will take the field. Do we get the team that was highly touted and heavily favored? Or do we get one of the tournament’s biggest flops? The jury is still out. With Romania accumulating just one point in group play and suffering a gut-wrenching relegation, Ukraine’s impressive 4-3 win looks all the more mediocre with respect to the fact the Ukrainians have laid an egg this far. Poland can and possibly will tar and feather this outfit. Ukraine is not immune to being scored on and the Polish love to take advantage of that weakness. Poland showed they can go tit for tat with the world’s best team in a scoreless draw and they will likely look at this fixture as a savory snack to push forward in to the next round. With all the intangibles featured in this contest, it is safest to stay clear of this fixture altogether. We would never recommend action on Ukraine but the price on Poland is too good to be true. Therefore, we will simply lay off. For latest odds you can check a few recommended sportsbooks and betting exchanges