Suarez surely banned for biting at World Cup

In World Cup, by on Jun 24, 2014
In the final group D match between Italy and Uruguay, it featured 2 popular yet controversial footballers in Luis Suarez and Mario Balotelli. In the game Balotelli was clearly unravelling and turning into a mess but Suarez doesn't like to be outdone. Suarez made sure that at the end of the game they would be talking about him, except he didn't score but Uruguay won. luis-suarez-fund Luis Suarez appears to bite Giorgio Chiellini and there are too many reasons to highlight why Suarez really did bite Chiellini. I'm saying it is over for Luis Suarez at the World Cup 2014 and the team needed him to win and he has now let them down. 5 Reasons why Suarez probably did bite Chiellini
  • Bite marks: pictures seem to show bite marks. Mind you these in theory could have been photoshopped but if Chiellini really did get bitten, he would probably showcase the evidence and that is what he did. There is no reason for him fake this. If he really was bitten there would be at least some mark or redness and a ban will possibly have to come down to what the head referee was able to see if this could be taken into consideration.
  • 3 times a charm: Suarez twice was suspended for biting an opponent. That explains the nickname he has earned as 'el Teetho'.
  • Chiellini can't be faking it and would be stupid to consider it. This game was too important and a play was about to happen, there is no good reason for Chiellini to go down where if the play isn't stopped then he would be harming his team.
  • Suarez embarrassingly falls to the pitch after biting the Italian player. He acts like he hurt his teeth in the process as if it was an accidentally collision of shoulder vs teeth
  • The video shows Suarez making a head butt motion to go after Chiellini with an open mouth. Looks similar to how it went loose on Ivanovic.
It will be lucky if Suarez doesn't get banned for this incident. The world has seen the video and it looks like an attempt at biting. That said if Suarez is banned, Uruguay's chances of making it far into the tournament will dwindle along with odds that he'll score the most goals in the tournament.