Premier League 2014/2015 To Win Outright Odds

premier leagueThe Barclays Premier League 2014/2015 season is already set to be an interesting one. Over the past 10 years there have been some teams that have dominated but no matter how you look at it, there are always a good 4 or 5 teams in the mix that will at least be considered challenges to win the league title. Last season the teams in the mix were Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City. This season we are already experiencing a revived Chelsea team that has to be considered one of the contenders. Manchester United suffered it's worst season in a long time which automatically knocked them out of the Champions League this season. This year Manchester United will have to find a way to win and with the talented players they have, they have done what they said they would never do which is spend their way to success. That said the 2014/2015 season is expected to come down to the wire as there are simply too many strong teams that can win it all that includes: Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United. bet365 Let's break down every team and see what they are about.

Chelsea FC

Chelsea are known to be a big money team but after Jose Mourinho left after they won their back to back Premier League titles, the team has faded a bit with the exception of an out of the blue Champions League victory where that was the only thing going for the team. Last season the team struggled with their offence as they had a list of quality strikers but the results just were not there. Those strikers were Fernando Torres, Samuel Eto'o and Demba Ba. Their new hero is a huge signing of Diego Costa pulled away from Atletico Madrid where he helped the team win La Liga over giant rivals Real Madrid and a star studded FC Barcelona. At the start of the season Diego Costa has 7 goals in 4 matches and is perhaps a few more games away from totalling the combined 3 strikers of last season. That leaves Chelsea looking as the favourites as their players are simply on fire. New player Cesc Fabregas is fitting in well with the team and they look like they can challenge for the league title this season.

Manchester City

This team has essentially the same team as last season which for them is a good thing since they can only get better the more they play together, rather than having a revolving door of players. The team is stacked in every position and spent a lot over the years on star players. Expect them to be in the top 3.


This team is revived with a few new players on the squad including Alexis Sanchez who should complement the midfield and forwards. There are some quality players on this team that includes Mesut Ozil, Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud. Last season they were on fire along with Mesut Ozil but when he started to play poorly, the team went south with him. Expect Alexis Sanchez to make the big difference to give Ozil more space to work his magic.

Manchester United

This team totally tanked last season and it was painful to watch David Moyes try to keep the team from falling apart but many say he was the cause. The result is the team isn't playing in the champions league this season and that should help alleviate some pressure and give the players more time to rest. The team stated they prefer not to take do what their rivals have done which is buy their way to success. Manchester City have paid for their all star team while Manchester United have a history of growing their players. All of that is out the window with Louis van Gaal in charge as they have dropped huge money to sign these 4 players: Daley Blind, Marcos Rojo, Angel di Maria and Radamel Falcao. Angel di Maria cost the most and the signing of striker Falcao gives them 2 quality star players with di Maria being the game changer that can make their strikers more lethal. The team needs to rebuild and it's hard to believe that their new coach and their improved squad won't be able to challenge for the title.


You can't count out Liverpool as the team were close to winning the title last season thanks to the brilliance of Luis Suarez, who is now at FC Barcelona. The selling of Suarez enabled the team to acquire more players including Mario Balotelli which is probably a big gamble.

Odds to win the Premier League 2014/2015

  • Chelsea 8/11
  • Manchester City 10/3
  • Arsenal 9/1
  • Manchester United 8/1
  • Liverpool 20/1
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