Portugal vs Iceland Betting Tips

In Euro 2016, by on Jun 12, 2016

Portugal vs. Iceland EURO 2016 Group Stage – Group F Game 1 Tuesday, June 14th 2016 – Saint-Etienne, France Odds: Portugal 8/13, Draw 29/10, Iceland 7/1 Our Play: No Play For latest odds you can check a few recommended sportsbooks and betting exchanges

wales slovakia preview We fancy Portugal as a potential sleeper to win this tournament outright. Like Belgium, the Portuguese are undervalued to go deep in to this tournament and their overall price reflects this. However, in this distinct contest the Portuguese have emerged as a heavy favorite and we would expect such an occurrence. This team is ranked eighth in the FIFA rankings for a reason as they have the talent in their ranks. Nevertheless, we are adamant in passing on scenarios where we have to lay a decent amount of juice and Portugal requires just that. The Portuguese are putting up odds that are not too far from taking a Spain or a Germany in their respective fixtures, but we will digress that the Portuguese have yet to prove that they are of quality of that caliber. Nevertheless we cannot proclaim any upside in taking Iceland, even if it is at 7/1. This is a football club that owns losses to the United Arab Emirates, Norway and Denmark in international friendlies. In fact, Iceland owns four losses in their last six overall. The final loss along this stretch coming at the hands of the Americans. Overall, Iceland had an impressive qualification campaign, we won’t dispute that. Outside of Portugal as a clear-cut favorite, Group F may be very cannibalistic and foster a lot of parody. This narrative would play perfectly in to Iceland’s hand and we certainly believe they can overcome the likes of Austria and Hungary, but Portugal is hard for us to conceive. Nevertheless, the price for Portugal is too expensive because as we have promoted previously, anything can happen. Once again, a draw may be unlikely given the set-up of this contest. Match one is a momentum builder for both teams and thus there is more than enough reason to believe both teams will be playing for the three points and the win We anticipate this contest being a great staging point to come back on a reactionary play, especially if Iceland were to lose in particular. Iceland gets Hungary next and if Hungary somehow pulls off a miracle win against Austria by contemporary perspectives, then Iceland may be available at a great price. Hungary winning against Austria is not inconceivable given the fact it is a potent border rivalry but nonetheless Iceland can defeat either side, so we will sit back. As for Portugal, nine points seems to be on the horizon for this team and they are likely primed to be a runaway train in this group and for that reason we will stay clear of them. As a direct result of this, barring an upset Portugal will likely be a good no-play in the preliminary stages of this tournament. However from a hedge perspective as an outright now is the time to take the Portuguese and we will once again encourage takers to jump in on that market swiftly. For latest odds you can check a few recommended sportsbooks and betting exchanges