New Zealand vs South Africa Odds & Tips

In Rugby, by on Oct 19, 2015
This game is going to be epic and it features the giants in Rugby Union with New Zealand All Blacks and the South Africa Springboks. South Africa started their tournament with a major upset loss to Japan while New Zealand were expected to go far. The All Blacks have walked all over their opponents but it's safe to say that the Springboks will be their toughest opponent yet as they were considered a favourite to win the tournament. Probably the big 3 teams in the tournament are South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, which faces a surging Argentina team so there is no guarantee they'll get to the final. In the world of Rugby, people follow the favourites like religion and in this game the odds are stacked against South Africa with a modest payout. At Guts sportsbook the odds are not as compelling as you might think. South Africa 3.90 Draw 22.00 New Zealand 1.27 With these odds, it's tempting to go for the South African win at close to 4 to 1 odds but the All Blacks are still the favourite to win and for this game the odds offered nearly reflect the payouts meaning there isn't much of a gain betting for any side. At betting exchanges like Smarkets for example things are different and this is where you'll be able to pick off some great offers. If you want to be patient and wait for some odds, then go north of 4.00 for South Africa and north of 1.40 for New Zealand.   If you wait until 24-48 hours before the match, the betting exchanges will have better odds available. As much as you can say New Zealand is the favourite to win this game, it should be close and competitive. South Africa are sure going to give the All Blacks a tough game and no matter what the outcome it will be entertaining semi-finals and worthy finalists.