MyBet’s MyXMAS Christmas Promotion

MyBet has just announced a promotion that’s sure to make your Christmas warmer and your bank account richer by €3000. The sports betting site has long been one of the most prolific in terms of providing its players with rewarding promotions. What better way to celebrate the Christmas season than to give away cash and a trip for two to Berlin for one of Football’s most anticipated events? If you’re interested to know more about MyBet’s MyXMAS Christmas Promotion, then make sure you continue reading. mybet myxmas

Eligibility and Mechanics

This promotion is only available for players who are residents of Austria, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Norway. If you’re from any of these countries and you have a MyBET account, all you have to do is place bets between the 1st and 21st of December to be eligible for the promotion. On your 5th bet, you’ll activate the myBet XmasCard. You can then opt to use the card/s to get either weekly winnings or XmasPoints. If you opted for the weekly winnings, you’ll have to wait for it to be credited on Monday of the following week. Weekly winnings are random (can be free spins, sports betting bonuses, or free bets) and you won’t know what you’re going to get unless you select this option. On the other hand, you’ll be in a position to win the main prize consisting of €3000 and a ticket for two (all travel expenses paid) to Berlin if you chose to get XmasPoints instead of Weekly Winnings.

Other Prizes

Players who fail to qualify for the main prize need not worry though because they can still get prizes based on the XmasPoints they accumulated. The amount of XmasPoints a player has determines his/her position in the myXMAS Promo Leaderboard. Players from positions 2 to 49 of the leaderboard can expect Xmas money (amounts range from €50 to €1000) while those ranked lower will be given deposit bonuses (positions 50-199) and free spins (for positions 200+). Excluding the winner of the €3000 prize and trip for two to Berlin, the players who opted for XmasPoints will have their prizes credited to their accounts.

Join MyBet’s MyXMAS Christmas Promotion Now!

If you’re into sports betting but still don’t have a myBET account, then now is the best time to sign up for one. The myXmas Promo is just one of more than half a dozen promotions that you can avail of as a registered player at myBET. Make your Christmas merrier and increase the chances of your wishes coming true by betting on your favorite team this December at myBET. In case you’re having second thoughts about the site, we’d also suggest that you check out reviews of its sportsbook and casino sections. mybet xmas card