Mayweather vs Pacquiao Odds & Betting Tips

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manny pacquiao floyd mayweather Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao Floyd Mayweather to win the fight – 5/1 Manny Pacquiao to win the fight – 10/1
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Valid From: 1700hrs Thursday 30 th April Valid To: Fight Starts approx. 0530hrs Sunday 3 rd May Odds available at sportsbook. We were so close to see the fight in 2009 or 2010 but it seems that we are even closer to see it in 2015. There has been a lot said about why the fight did not happen yet: Floyd is afraid of Manny or Manny is not willing to make a blood test before the fight. We will probably never find out the real reason but the truth might be somewhere down the middle: Floyd was afraid of an unclean Manny. Let’s just forget all this and pretend it never happened because we might be witnessing one of the biggest fights in boxing history. In 1936 we had Louis versus Smelling, in 1971 we had Ali versus Frazier and now we have this fight. A lot of people said that Manny Pacquiao would destroy Floyd Mayweather and that Floyd is unbeaten because he dunked big fighters, but these people are missing some huge details. Let’s take a small look at the common opponents that they had: Oscar De La Hoya: Floyd beat him first and when Manny fought him, Oscar was not the same fighter. You could say that Manny made him look old, but looking at the fight, you could clearly see that there was no more fire in Oscar. Ricky Hatton: When Floyd fought him, Ricky was unbeaten. Again Manny fights someone after Floyd beats that fighter. Credit must be given to Manny for that incredible 2nd round K.O. Miguel Cotto: When Miguel fought Manny, he came after that horrible loss to Margarito and when we fought Floyd, he came after that well deserved win against the same Mexican. Manuel Marquez: This fight was one of the easiest fights of Floyd’s career and Manny got KO’d in the last fight we had with the Mexican. Even the two wins that Pacquiao has with Marquez are not that clear and a lot of boxing fans said that Manuel deserved at least one more win. Shane Mosley: When Floyd fought him, Shane was world champion. Manny fought him after Mosley lost to Floyd and scored a draw with Sergio Mora. This is not an opinion. These are real facts, ignored but real facts! There is no reason to discuss Manny’s loss to Bradley because he was robbed that fight. Another very important detail is that Floyd is the bigger man. He has shown in the Marquez fight that it is a huge factor and he can take full advantage of it. People say that Manny’s hand speed might just be the decisive factor in this fight. It could be true, but let’s be honest and admit that it also is less probable. Floyd is by far the best defensive fighter of his generation. He looks extremely well for his age. Manny does not look bad either. He is coming off a good win against Algieri. The bad part is that Algieri is not even close to Mayweather. Manny has to do a lot more to win this fight. He is definitely the fan’s favorite but when it comes to boxing critics, it is a whole new story. Short recap: Who is favorite to win this fight? Mayweather! Is Manny a big underdog? Definitely not! What should we expect from the fight? It will be a great fight, hopefully it will match our expectations.

Mayweather vs Pacquaio Odds & Betting Tips

Tough one to pick, 5 to 1 odds for Mayweather to win and 10 to 1 odds for Pacquiao at Coral sportsbook, both offers seem tempting but of course you would need a conclusive victory to hit your win. If Pacquiao is going to win a major fight, this one is his last chance and you can imagine that the payout is good enough but his legacy and reputation are worth going for the victory. He is going to fight for the win, not a decision so expect him to put it all on the table. pacquiao-mayweather-odds-tips

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