How to become a tipster and professional sports gambler

In by on Jul 20, 2018

Sports betting is one of the oldest and most popular forms of gambling activity in the world. People have been predicting sports results for many centuries, but it seems that this activity became even more popular in the 19th and 20th century when organized sports and professional clubs and athletes started emerging in the European countries and in North America too. 

Of course, the emergence of the Internet has increased the interest in this activity. Today, there are many people who are interested in becoming professional sports gamblers and tipsters. Of course, these two titles don’t always come together, but the fact is that many tipsters are professional sports gamblers at the same time. So, what should a person do in order to become one?

There are basically two things that you should do to step into this potentially profitable world.

Choose a sport, become an expert

There are literally dozens of different sports out there. From physical sports like football, soccer, rugby, basketball, baseball, and tennis to mind sports and eSports, bettors have a long list of fields where they can place their bets on. If you want to become a tipster, the best idea is to focus on one sport. This should be an easy task because each of us has a few favorite sports to pick from. It would be ideal if you are a fan of a sport that’s relatively popular like football or basketball.

Once you determine the sport, you should ensure that you know everything about it – all the rules, the history of the sport, the different kinds of competitions and more. The main reason why you should focus on one sport is the fact that you will have to gather detailed information about each match before providing previews and forecasts. This includes information about possible injuries, possible formations, current and past form, the history between athletes and teams and more.

Stay informed and follow successful tipsters

As you can see, information is crucial in this activity. As a tipster and professional sports gambler, you should be prepared to gather and share information. Of course, you will need to gather basic, raw information, process it, use your knowledge and instinct and predict the likely outcome of sporting events. This is the only way to become successful. Luckily, there are a few excellent sources that you can use to stay informed and up-to-date with all the things related to sports and specific athletes and clubs.

Sportsbetting Sites to follow

First of all, you can use websites like Soccerway (even though this one is specially designed for soccer tipsters) where you can find live scores, tables, and all kinds of statistics. They have even provided information that people can use for betting on special bets like Half-time/Full-time score, Over/Under, first scorer and more. There are also websites where you can check the transfers and latest rumors about transfers which obviously affect the performance of players like for example. While we are talking about useful websites for tipsters, we should also mention the odd comparison websites like,, and On these websites, you will find the best odds for any sporting event. These websites are gathering data from the most popular bookies and allowing users to check the best place where they can place their bets. Keep in mind that the best odd comparison websites are updating these odds in real time and that the odds are changing frequently. If you are planning on becoming a tipster, it would be great if you can advise readers about the bookie with the highest odds.

Tipster forums

The Internet is full of forums dedicated to sports. Some of them are focused on specific sports, while others have sections for all the popular sports. is a nice example of an online forum. Actually, this is a website dedicated to betting, but their strongest section is the forum. Registration on this forum is free and it will take just a couple of minutes to become a registered member. After that, you will get access to different threads where many experienced members are discussing upcoming sporting events and analyzing the previous matches. Don’t forget that this forum is used mostly by Americans and Canadians which means that you can expect useful information about NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, NHL, and MLB. has a nice forum too. The good thing is that you don’t have to register to get access to the threads and replies. This forum has hundreds of active users and it seems that most of them come from the United States. But, there are sections for other sports like soccer, motorsports, golf, tennis and other sports which are quite active too.

Books on sports betting & professional gambling

Finally, you can also try reading some books that can help you improve your sports betting skills. As expected, some of them are focused on the basics of sports betting, others are talking about specific sports and there are books that are explaining betting strategies. It’s probably a good idea to read at least one book in each category.

Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong is definitely a good example of a sports betting book. In this relatively big book, you will find information about the basics of betting like descriptions of the most popular types of betting, how bookies are creating odds, how to pick a bookie and more. It’s great that this book has many interesting examples.

Dan Gordon’s Beat the Sports Book is another top-selling book in this field. Written by a leading football handicapper, this book provides insider information, useful tips and proven strategies on becoming a handicapper while betting on NFL. This is another thick book which means that you should be prepared to read a lot, but the fact is that it pays off. 

For more books you can visit for a list of gambling books

So, after choosing a sport, you should use all (or some) of the sources of information we have mentioned in this short guide. Becoming a tipster and professional sports gambler is not easy – it requires learning new things and following news and trends all the time. However, for many tipsters, these activities have proven to be profitable.