Germany vs Argentina Betting Tips

Germany vs Argentina Betting Tips & Odds Summary

  • Germany to win 13/10
  • Argentina to win 5/2
  • Under 2.5 goals 1/2 odds
  • Number of cards in match 2.5 Over 4/7
Germany vs Argentina will be an intense and exciting World Cup finals. Both teams on paper appear to be evenly matched but everyone seems to agree that Germany have looked like the better team leading up to the finals and that is reflected in the odds with an Argentina payout of 5/2 while Germany only pays 13/10. The odds are probably influenced by the fact that Germany ripped apart the home team Brazil 7-1 when Brazil was the tournament favourite. This is the World Cup Finals game at the 2014 World Cup. The match happens on July 13th, 2014 at 16:00 local time at Estadio do Maracana in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Germany vs Argentina Odds at Bet365

These odds were taken from Bet365 sportsbook which is one of the best sportsbooks around.
  • Germany win 13/10 odds
  • Draw 9/4 odds
  • Argentina win 5/2 odds
  • Over 2.5 goals 6/4 odds
  • Under 2.5 goals 1/2 odds

Where to Bet on the World Cup

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Betting Tips

This game we have to pick the favourite all the way. At 13/10 odds this is still a good payout but you better place a bet immediately before the payouts get reduced. As the match approaches, more people will be last minute on the favourites and the bookmakers will adjust their odds to compensate for all the money being put on Germany to win. If too much is bet on Germany, then there might be a good payout for Argentina to win so keep an eye out for the odds to adjust. We have a feeling this game will be closely matched and not the blowout experienced against Brazil. Both teams know how to play defense and we expect fewer scoring opportunities and a game played similar to the Argentina Netherlands semi-finals which was a 0-0 bore draw that went to penalty kicks.

Bet over 2.5 cards in a match

You can bet on the number of cards in a match with over/under 2.5. Many games have featured 3 cards and expect this one to be no exception.

Prop Bets Germany vs Argentina

Prop bets are certainly more interesting to bet on than just who will win or if there will be a draw. If you think you can pick the exact score then you got some interesting odds to choose from:
  • 2-1 Germany win 9/1 odds
  • 2-0 Germany win 8/1 odds
  • 1-1 draw 5/1 odds
  • 1-0 Argentina win 6/1 odds
  • Thomas Muller goal 7/4 odds
  • Lionel Messi goal 7/4 odds
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