France vs Switzerland Betting Tips

In Euro 2016, by on Jun 17, 2016

France vs. Switzerland EURO 2016 Group Stage – Group A Game 3 Sunday, June 19 2016 – Lillie, France Odds: Switzerland 9/2, Draw 9/4, France 1/1 Our Play: Switzerland 9/2 For live odds visit Bet365 sportsbook or Smarkets betting exchange For latest odds you can check a few recommended sportsbooks and betting exchanges

czech republic croatia betting tips We are going to continue our attack on the hosts who continue to rely on theatrics to scoop up points. For those eager backers wishing to hop aboard France with a tall glass of juice, it can be safe to assume those takers had to sweat out back-to-back France fixtures. Sure, France bettors may have made some money but the fact of the matter remains that this outfit had to rely on the boot of Dimitri Payet, not once but twice to escape against teams like Romania and Albania, squads France are supposed to easily beat. Now France will have to take their swiftly gained six points and enter a fixture of consequence against Switzerland for Group A outright. As we have stated recently, Switzerland looked eons better against Romania even if they had to amount a comeback to escape a loss against the Romanians and settle for the draw. Romania was all over Switzerland but the Swiss would find their way back in through methodical, statistically-enriched play. Switzerland completed 81% of their passes while retaining possession 61% of the time. As we have also indicate, these signs of improvements by the Swiss were drastic after they seemed to be under duress against the Albanians in their opening fixture. Switzerland retained possession just 10% more than Albania despite having a one man advantage. We liked Switzerland as a potential dark horse to go deep in this tournament and this prognostication may be solidified if the Swiss pull off a win here. There is no reason to suspect the Swiss cannot beat the French. France has been overvalued all tournament long despite the fact they are 2-0-0 in group play. At the odds France is offered at, France should blowing out teams like Romania and Albania, but meanwhile they have outscored them 4-1 in both fixtures. Most notably, three of those four goals came at the 89th minute or later. France’s flare for the dramatic may work against teams like Romania and Albania, but Switzerland is a pedigree squad with a track record of playing at a high level. Case and point, this team was once ranked as high as six in the FIFA World Rankings and they are ranked very close to France in the current installment. Nevertheless, we have an opportunity to take back Switzerland at odds of 4.5:1, yet France for the first time remains at evens. Given the performance portfolio of France, the market has less faith the French can win this one even if Switzerland has had documented woes against subpar competition themselves. To summarize, the point is simple we will continue to attack favorites like France because even at odds, this is not their true market value. Switzerland has a better probability of winning than forecasted and France is more vulnerable to defeat than assessed. Now may be the time France finally hits their ceiling and we will go ahead and roll the dice with these friendly odds available for the taking against the hosts. For latest odds you can check a few recommended sportsbooks and betting exchanges