FAQ on Bet Blocker Questions and Answers

In News, by on Nov 25, 2019

What is the Bet Blocker app and how does it work?

BetBlocker is an app you can install on your phone, tablet or computer that allows you to restrict the device from accessing thousands of gambling websites. We cannot go into too much detail about exactly how the app works, but we have compiled a list of over 6.8k gambling operator sites that the app restricts the device from accessing. More sites are added to the restricted list every day and via the 'Suggest a site' feature our users can let us know if we've missed anything. The more people using the app, the quicker we identify sites that have been missed and the more robust the protection that BetBlocker offers.

Why was BetBlocker setup as a charity initiative?

When we started the project BetBlocker was funded by ThePOGG.com in an effort to help those players who contacted our dispute mediation service about Responsible Gambling based issues. The project has grown beyond anything we had anticipated and certainly far beyond the usership of ThePOGG, which is fantastic, but the increased volume of users comes with higher costs attached. What we've learned is that there is huge demand for this service, but to allow the app to reach its full potential requires greater resources than ThePOGG can reasonably provider. That being the case we had to decide whether we wanted to start charging user for the service or become a charity and seek donations elsewhere. Any time you put a price barrier between people and help it is the poorest who miss out. Gambling addicts tend to be experiencing a lack of funds by the time that they seek help. As such charging for the tool seemed like a negative road to go down.

Is the BeBlocker app meant to block online casino sites or will it block all types of gambling sites including online sportsbooks?

BetBlocker blocks all gambling services - casino, bingo, poker, sportsbook, lottery, fantasy sports even the loot box gambling sites.

Since most players bet on sport through their mobile phone, does the app work for all mobile types like Android and iOS?

Yes - we have both an Android and iOS version of the app and we are the only blocking software that covers the Fire OS platform.

Why did you make the app free for users?

As discussed above, price barriers result in those that need the help above being unable to access the support they need. While other commercial groups have demonstrated that there is significant money to be made in running this type of service as a business, we felt that it was important to prioritise getting the support to those users who needed it the most over turning the project into a business. By registering the project as a charity we ensure that the focus always remains on help users rather than driving profits or appeasing stakeholders.