F1 Odds Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2014

The last race of the season in F1 for 2014 comes to an end this weekend at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2014. It is going to be an exciting race as the WDC will be determined this day and fans are hoping for a race that is worth watching start to finish.

F1 Odds for Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2014

Presenting the odds for the upcoming race, all the odds are provided by Bet365 sportsbook. To Win Outright Odds
  • Lewis Hamilton 5/6
  • Nico Rosberg 6/5
Fastest Qualifier Odds
  • Lewis Hamilton 8/13
  • Nico Rosberg 5/4
GP win WITHOUT Mercedes
  • Valtteri Bottas 15/8
  • Daniel Ricciardo 9/4
  • Felipe Massa 4/1
Points Finnish
  • Lewis Hamilton 1/9
  • Nico Rosberg 1/9
  • Daniel Ricciardo 1/6
  • Valtteri Bottas 1/6
  • Felipe Massa 1/5
Fastest Lap
  • Lewis Hamilton 1/1
  • Nico Rosberg 15/8
  World Drivers Championship 2014 Odds
  • Lewis Hamilton 1/5
  • Nico Rosberg 10/3

Lewis Hamilton vs Nico Rosberg

These 2 drivers have gone back and forth the whole year. It is Lewis Hamilton that has the better looking record with wins but right now that doesn't mean anything as the last race has a controversial double points and basically this race will come down to a few factors, if Hamilton fails to finish or if he can at least secure 2nd place then Rosberg has no real chance. Both drivers have been a bit streaky and nobody knows if his last GP win was part of that as Hamilton has really battled Rosberg in the last 5 races of the season to help build up his points lead. It is a hope that the season isn't handed over to Rosberg on the technicality of the double points awarded which was only done to add more drama to the last race of the season. A move unpopular with the drivers and of course the true fans of the sport. If you are going to dig for any value bets within this race, you might be looking at odds that don't include a Mercedes driver or perhaps even going for Rosberg to win with the public fully backing and betting on Hamilton to win it all. Thanks to f1-bettings.com for letting us use their F1 drawings.