Euro 2016 qualifications Week 9 Betting Analysis

In Euro 2016, by on Sep 18, 2015
Last round of matches we saw more teams qualify while others are still fighting to get through. There are some teams on the verge of qualifying for the Euro 2016 while others look like they could be out of the competition completely.

euro2016-logoWeek 9 Euro 2016 Schedule

Thursday, October 8, 2015 Georgia 12:00 PM Gibraltar Scotland 2:45 PM Poland Romania 2:45 PM Finland Albania 2:45 PM Serbia Republic of Ireland 2:45 PM Germany Hungary 2:45 PM Faroe Islands Northern Ireland 2:45 PM Greece Portugal 2:45 PM Denmark Friday, October 9, 2015 Montenegro 2:45 PM Austria Slovakia 2:45 PM Belarus Liechtenstein 2:45 PM Sweden England 2:45 PM Estonia Moldova 2:45 PM Russia Spain 2:45 PM Luxembourg Macedonia 2:45 PM Ukraine Switzerland 2:45 PM San Marino Slovenia 2:45 PM Lithuania Saturday, October 10, 2015 Kazakhstan 12:00 PM Netherlands Azerbaijan 12:00 PM Italy Norway 12:00 PM Malta Iceland 12:00 PM Latvia Bosnia and Herzegovina 2:45 PM Wales Andorra 2:45 PM Belgium Israel 2:45 PM Cyprus Croatia 2:45 PM Bulgaria Czech Republic 2:45 PM Turkey On Oct 8th the teams you'll be wanting to look out for are Ireland, Northern Ireland and Hungary. Ireland are facing Germany so many people will write them off but checking the standings, the Irish have too much to play for as Ireland could leapfrog Poland for 2nd in their group. Norther Ireland can seal the deal with a win over Greece. Hungary can tie Romania in their group and face an easy Faroe Islands team. On Oct 9th, we are expecting wins by England, Sweden and Ukraine, otherwise an uneventful day other than to watch some great football matches. On Oct 10th things get very interesting with some great matches to watch. Netherlands might be expected to win but there is a good chance they won't make it to the Euro which is hard to imagine a Euro tournament without a Dutch team. Wales faces a tough Bosnia & Herzegovina team. Wales are looking to make a historic qualification while Bosnia & Herzegovina are no slouches having qualified for the world cup in 2014. Czech Republic vs Turkey will be another match that should be entertaining as the Turkish side are close to eliminating the Dutch as they just need to pick up any points to push them further out of the tournament.

Where to Bet for Euro 2016 Qualification

There are too many bookmakers to recommend but first we'll start the discussion with betting exchanges. Betting exchanges are a great way to play and bet against another person that sets up the odds and offers. If you are an odds junkie then you'll know that betting exchanges offer some of the better odds around. Typically for big games like Euro 2016 qualification, you'll get a lot of betting activity and this is what makes a betting exchange worth doing. A few recommended betting exchanges are: