EURO 2016 – Group A Winner Analysis

In Euro 2016, by on Jun 05, 2016
For latest odds you can check a few recommended sportsbooks and betting exchanges euro 2016 group a oddsThe EURO 2016 features six groups of four distinctly talented national clubs, vying for sixteen positions in the second stage or “Knockout Round”. First, these teams have to play each other in their corresponding groups in a round-robin format. The rules are the same as in any other major tournament: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss. The team with the most points wins the group and advances to play a runner-up or wildcard third-place qualifier. Draws in standings are settled by Goal Differential. Teams that finish in second also advance slated to a play a group winner. Now, we will focus on Group A based on the odds of each team to win the group outright.

France – 4/11 – LEAST VALUE

We have attacked the hosts in their chances to win this tournament, so why would he hold back in attacking these odds that force backers to lay juice for France to win their group? We have highlighted the troubles with the chemistry of this highly-touted team and they are also the third ranked team in FIFA rankings within this group with the Swiss and Romanians being positioned higher. The opening match for France will set the tone for their group campaign but it comes against perhaps their greatest test, a stingy Romania.

Romania- 11:1 – BEST VALUE

We are quite hawkish on Romania and for just cause. The Romanians have drawn with the likes of Spain, Italy and Greece during qualification and they have produced an abundance of clean sheets to complement their impressive play. The Romanians have yet to lose a game since the offset of the tournament and given the fact they have conceded just three goals in qualification, do not expect this team to yield to the likes of France or Switzerland. With the robust odds offered with Romania in this market, it is certainly worth a second look. While the Romanians have to overcome two European powers, the odds do not reflect the plausibility of Romania winning this group. Thus we may be able to take advantage of an overlay in this scenario.

Switzerland - 9/2

We liked the Swiss as a dark horse to go deep in to this tournament and this can start with a rudimentary win of Group A. The Swiss can easily win this group, it really boils down to their result against France and from what we have seen over recent years, the Swiss can certainly play with the French. The presence of France in this group causes both the Romanians and Swiss to be undervalued. On many other occasions, the Swiss may have actually emerged a favorite and since they are offered at fair odds, this can be a solid play.

Albania – 27:1

There is much reason to be suspicious of this team and the odds of Albania winning this group are fairly par for the course. This is a football club that drew Georgia, lost to Austria and was humiliated by Serbia. We have yet to see the Albanians pull off a result that really gets us to hold our breath. This team came in through the backdoor, qualifying by virtue of surviving a weak group. The Albanians accrued just 14 points in qualification and this was against teams like Denmark, Armenia and aforementioned Serbia. We do not recommend playing on this one even as a hedge scenario. For latest odds you can check a few recommended sportsbooks and betting exchanges