EURO 2016 – Group F Winner Analysis

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For latest odds you can check a few recommended sportsbooks and betting exchanges group f winner oddsThe EURO 2016 features six groups of four distinctly talented national clubs, vying for sixteen positions in the second stage or “Knockout Round”. First, these teams have to play each other in their corresponding groups in a round-robin format. The rules are the same as in any other major tournament: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss. The team with the most points after playing each opponent once wins the group and advances to play a runner-up or wildcard third-place qualifier. Draws in standings are settled by Goal Differential. Teams that finish in second also advance slated to a play a group winner. Group F features a potential tournament dark horse in Portugal, complemented by the emergence of Iceland and a renewal of a border rivalry in Austria and Hungary rounding off the constituents.

Hungary 350:1 – BEST VALUE

In the EURO tournament anything can happen and as proven by Leicester City in the English Premier League, some teams come out of the woodwork and take the world by storm. While we are not suggesting that Hungary is a lock to procure such a situation, these odds are too delicious to pass up on. While Hungary has a tall order opening their group stage against Portugal, a loss does not put away the Hungarians by any means. Hungary has a great chance to rebound against Iceland if they do suffer a likely loss in their opening fixture. The incentive is raised as they can conclude their group stage efforts with a bang, with the potential to capsize arch-nemesis Austria in a border rivalry contest to culminate their campaign. You never know what can happen and with odds of this nature, there is minimal risk and a high reward potential in even a hedge scenario with this play.

Austria 2/1 – LEAST VALUE

Portugal is a clear-cut favorite to win this group, which is why the Austrians bode little value at these odds considering there is not much to take back if they pull of an unlikely group win. We are getting Portugal near evens which sounds good to us considering Austria is susceptible to lose two of their three fixtures outright in this group stage. With all things considered, Austria does not own a signature win in their qualification campaign. The Austrians played conservative and moved forward by simply chasing easy points. Typically, this is not the strategy of big-league squads favored to win group play. We would advise staying clear of Austria.

Portugal – 19/20

This is a great price considering we liked Portugal as a potential sleeper to win this tournament outright. Such accolades often begin with a good start and Group F is certainly winnable for the Portuguese by any stretch. As a favorite reflecting undervalued odds to win outright, this market showcases the propensity for markets to vest little faith in Portugal with respect to the rest of the tournament field. However, we think the Portuguese are in great position to put together a run and it begins with dominance within their group. This team is ranked eighth in the FIFA rankings for a reason as they have the talent. Let us also never fail to mention that Portugal has one of the best forwards in the world in Cristiano Ronaldo skippering their efforts.

Iceland – 13/2

Iceland had an impressive qualification campaign, we won’t dispute that. However, this field can be very cannibalistic outside of stalwart Portugal as a clear-cut favorite. With this being said, Group F may foster a lot of parody. It is prudent to stay off Austria given the potential traps that await them. Conversely an astronomical return is possible if Hungary pulls off a miracle. With all these considerations made, Iceland is set up as a middle of the road play that likely won’t offer much upside in terms of a group win. Nevertheless, we won’t rule out Iceland making it through to the next round vying by virtue of an at-large berth into the knockout stage.

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For latest odds you can check a few recommended sportsbooks and betting exchanges