EURO 2016 – Group C Winner Analysis

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EURO 2016 – Group C Winner Analysis For latest odds you can check a few recommended sportsbooks and betting exchanges euro 2016 group c oddsThe EURO 2016 features six groups of four distinctly talented national clubs, vying for sixteen positions in the second stage or “Knockout Round”. First, these teams have to play each other in their corresponding groups in a round-robin format. The rules are the same as in any other major tournament: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss. The team with the most points after playing each opponent once wins the group and advances to play a runner-up or wildcard third-place qualifier. Draws in standings are settled by Goal Differential. Teams that finish in second also advance slated to a play a group winner. Group C features defending World Champion Germany and a slew of viable and potent football clubs more than capable of upending traditional European powers in many stages to come. Here is our take on Group C:

Germany 2/5 – LEAST VALUE

We will always sing Germany’s praises but the price sets up backers for significant vulnerability. The Germans require a lot of juice and rightfully so, they are the gold-standard of world football. While we have no reason to believe that the Germans will not win this group we will never advise any taker to down this big glass of juice.

Northern Ireland - 33:1 – BEST VALUE

Very quietly Northern Ireland assembled a remarkably impressive qualification campaign. In their last eleven games, Northern Ireland remains unbeaten and they have fostered some eyebrow raising results against Romania, Greece and Hungary. Northern Ireland won their qualification group outright with 21 points, usurping Romania and Hungary who may for all intent and purposes have been the crowd favorites in this race. Northern Ireland opens against Germany and be that the Germans enter on mediocre performances in recent friendlies, Northern Ireland may steal a point if Germany shows any rust. If Northern Ireland steals the point, wins against Poland and Ukraine are certainly viable and given the odds we have here, a hedge situation may be our bread and butter in this one if Northern Ireland starts off strong.

Ukraine – 6/4

Though the Ukrainians are not a traditional European power, bookies have portrayed them as such. There is no guarantee Ukraine will even survive this group given the presence of Germany, Poland and Northern Ireland. Playing on Ukraine is enticing be that they own recent wins over Romania and Wales in friendlies and a draw with Slovakia in qualification. Let us not forget that this team had to play in against Slovenia to acquire a berth in this tournament. Given this implication and the fact Slovenia is not a strong opponent by any means, the jury is still out on this outfit regardless.

Poland – 9/2

Poland knows how to light up the scoreboard and as a result this team cultivates a lot of intrigue from the betting world. An astounding 15 total goals against Gibraltar, 4 against Iceland in one contest and 5 against Finland in one fixture. Results of this magnitude can generate a lot of revelry. Let us not forget the Polish cultivated impressive results against Germany in qualification, defeating their neighbors 2-0. We can’t suggest that the Polish have no chance of winning this group but given the odds offered with Northern Ireland, we won’t say this is the best bet either. Albeit, there is certainly more value with the Polish than with Ukraine and this team has an excellent chance of moving on to the second round in multiple scenarios.

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