Bahrain GP Tips

The Bahrain Grand Prix has become one of the more predictable races of the season as we have 2 known variables: a hot track and a lot of long straight track to drive on. For the latest on the race you can check out The hot track is something all drivers have to deal with so it tends to wear the tyres down a little bit more but it also helps for grip which means cars can be faster in the long straights as well as keep their traction on turning so this gives an edge to the fast cars. Also long straights means the fastest cars have less cars in their way and the race involves less driving technique and skills where speed tends to dominate. The answer then becomes Mercedes drivers expected to dominate the race so pick your poison either Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg to win the race. bahrain gp race track Ferrari have already had a tough start to the weekend with Vettel losing his drive train in the Practice 2 session. Ferrari are given the acknowledgement to be the team that should challenge Mercedes this year.

Where to bet on Formula 1

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