Australia vs Argentina Odds & Tips

Argentina have played a tough tournament and marched their way to a semi-final showdown against Australia. The Australians have been also walking over their opponents. Overall the favourite to win this match is Australia for their experience as really the Aussies are a typical Rugby nation where in Argentina it's a distant sport from football. That said the Argentinians have a big team and look like they could cause an upset into the finals. Overall for betting on the Aussies as the favourites, it's actually a decent value bet but if the odds drop below 1.38, it means too many players have been dumping money on them so if this happens then keep an eye out on odds for an upset win with Argentina. australia argentina In the world of Rugby, people follow the favourites like religion and in this game the odds are stacked against South Africa with a modest payout. At Guts sportsbook the odds are not as compelling as you might think. Argentina 3.15 Draw 21.00 Australia 1.38 Argentina offers a nice payout but for 1.38 we recommend going with the favourite as it's is almost a sure bet. At betting exchanges like Smarkets for example things are different and this is where you'll be able to pick off some great offers. If you want to be patient and wait for some odds, then go north of 4.00 for Argentina and north of 1.50 for Australia. argentina australia smarkets   If you wait until 24-48 hours before the match, the betting exchanges will have better odds available. As much as you can say Australia is the favourite to win this game, it should be close and competitive. Argentina are sure going to give the Australian team a tough game and no matter what the outcome it will be entertaining semi-finals and worthy finalists.