Villanova vs North Carolina NCAA tips & odds

Both Villanova and North Carolina walked over their Final Four opponents to setup the championship game on April 4th. North Carolina is still the number 1 seed so naturally players might think the Tar Heels are going to take this game without much of a fight. Villanova completely stomped on Oklahoma so they'll be coming into the final as the underdog but also with a lot of confidence. This game should be closer to a coin toss but the bookmakers will have to offer good odds to encourage people to bet on Villanova and bet on the underdog. ncaa basketball finals odds bet365 Here we can see that Villanova is the underdog and if it wasn't for such a dominant performance over Oklahoma then the odds would be heavily stacked in North Carolina's favour. For tips the spread is very tight at +/- 2.5 at 10/11 odds which isn't a huge margin of victory. Based on the 2 past games of high scores, people seem to think this will be a high scoring affair but make no mistake, championship games usually bring out the best in coaches and the players. Their level of hustle will be their highest so when Villanova looked like they had an easy time launching 3s in their semifinal match, well they kinda did but put that against a tough Tar Heels defense and we shouldn't expect this team to rain as many 3s, which by the way was at a ridiculous rate of something like 11 for 18.

Our tips for the NCAA Mens Final

  • We don't think this game will be as close as 2 points, a team will win by 3 or more points so pick -2.5 spread at 10/11 odds for North Carolina
  • We like Villanova but North Carolina at 4/6 odds at Bet365 is too good to pass up.
  • Under 149.5 points at 10/11 odds, no way will both teams just trade points
If the odds were say 3/2 or better for Villanova then we'd suggest to bet on them for the upset win and a big enough payoff.