Neymar odds for the World Cup 2014

Neymar Junior is probably going to be the star of the World Cup this year and if he isn't the star, well he should at least be one of the key players in the tournament. If that doesn't happen then it means Brazil will have a bad tournament which probably isn't going to happen either. Neymar is expected to lead the team to victory and they have a tough group but still are expected to advance and once it gets into the knockout stages of the tournament, anything can happen. Usually a tournament like this allows some players to take the spotlight and make a name for themselves. Neymar already has a name for himself but this is his chance to take things to the next level so the entire world truly knows who this guy is and not be in the shadows of Messi or Ronaldo anymore.

Top Goal Scorer Odds

This is an award in theory Neymar could get but probably won't. The formation for the Brazilian squad is to have a lone striker which will be Fred and with their game plan he should be the main goal scorer with Neymar chipping in others along the way.

Golden Ball Odds

Now this is a tough bet to take but is still an interesting one. Neymar is the favourite for the Golden Ball already. Here are the odds at play at Bet365:
  • Neymar 6/1
  • Messi 7/1
  • Ronaldo 9/1
  • Iniesta 20/1
  • Suarez 25/1
  • Guedes Fred 50/1
It is almost tough to pick Neymar this early with only a payout of 6 to 1. It is a nice payout but it's a tough one to make. Messi has yet to impress playing for Argentina in a way he does for Barcelona. Ronaldo is nursing some injuries right now and there is a chance he might not be so effective for Portugal. If these 2 players are not able to step it up then Neymar has an even better chance of claiming the Golden Ball award.