Germany vs Portugal Betting Tips & Odds

Germany and Portugal open their tournaments with their first matches at the 2014 World Cup. The Group G match happens on June 16th, 2014 at 12:00 local time at Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador, Brazil. This is a tough match between 2 football power houses in the group of death and we have tips, odds and analysis to share. Mezut Ozil is starting the game in the strike role. If Cristiano Ronaldo is healthy for the whole tournament, he would probably be the tournament MVP if he could help his team get to the finals, maybe even semi-finals. There is probably no player that means so much to their team as Ronaldo as if you take him out of the team, the team seems to struggle to score and if Ronaldo isn't playing against Germany, then this is an easy prediction, Germany will win with ease. Reports are coming out that Ronaldo is fit to play for Germany but the images of ice bags on his legs didn't look good so you can expect him to get aggressive defending. arena fonte nova

Germany vs Portugal Odds at Bet365

These odds were taken from Bet365 sportsbook which is one of the best sportsbooks around.
  • Germany win 19/20
  • Draw 11/4
  • Portugal win 3/1
  • Over 2.5 goals 8/11
  • Under 2.5 goals 43/40
  • Cristiano Ronaldo to score 6/5
  • Miroslav Klose to score 13/8
  • Thomas Muller to score 13/8

Where to Bet on the World Cup

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Betting Tips

Perhaps a tough match to call and bet on. Germany are a very strong team and Ronaldo can score at almost any time and he'll be the key figure for Portugal. Looking at the odds for Germany to win and Portugal these are both appealing and it almost seems like a coin toss and to pick which team you have a favourite for. Both teams are known for their scoring prowess and we think the easiest thing to bet on this match is the over 2.5 goals. This tournament has been high scoring to date and these 2 teams are expecting to put on a show.

Prop Bets Germany vs Portugal

Prop bets are certainly more interesting to bet on than just who will win or if there will be a draw. If you think you can pick the exact score then you got some interesting odds to choose from:
  • Germany 3-1 win 14/1 odds
  • Germany 3-2 win 22/1 odds
  • Germany 2-0 win 9/1 odds
  • 2-2 Draw 12/1 odds
  • Portugal 2-1 win 11/1 odds
If you like to gamble and want a bigger win, these prop bets are more interesting to choose from and if you get the exact score correct you get bragging rights plus a large payout.

Goal Scoerer Props

Some interesting odds for goal scorers:
  • Ronaldo 1st half goal 4/1 odds
  • Ronaldo goal 6/5 odds
  • Thomas Muller goal 13/8
  • Miroslav Klose 13/8
When it comes to picking a goal scorer, this can be hit or miss. Ronaldo you might want to wait until kickoff and if he is playing, pick first half to score as he might not play the full match. Klose will probably start the match but maybe first half of it and and get substituted later in the game regardless if Germany is up or down, if they are down, expect Podolski to not start but it is best to wait just before the match and to get ready to bet. So at least who will win the game? Roxy our World Cup Predicting Dog is picking a German victory over Portugal.