Germany vs Northern Ireland Betting Tips

In Euro 2016, by on Jun 20, 2016

Germany vs. Northern Ireland EURO 2016 Group Stage – Group C Game 3 Tuesday, June 21, 2016 – Paris, France Odds: Germany 2/7, Draw 27/5, Northern Ireland 15/1 Our Play: Northern Ireland 15/1 For live odds visit Bet365 sportsbook or Smarkets betting exchange For latest odds you can check a few recommended sportsbooks and betting exchanges

Once again we are approaching this one as a value play exclusively. Northern Ireland has done well so far in their Group C efforts. The “other team” from the Emerald Isle has certainly raised eyebrows in spite of being the heavy pooch in this table of European heavy hitters. First against Poland, Northern Ireland gave the Polish a great scare and simply through hard luck could not come up with an equalizer. Northern Ireland fell by a menial margin of 1-0 and then after swallowing the bitter pill of defeat, they responded impeccably. Northern Ireland would take down Ukraine 2-0 in their follow up efforts. Entering this contest, it is not hard to imagine this outfit will have heightened confidence and belief, treating this fixture as their championship game. Let us not forget if Northern Ireland even gets a draw, they can likely advance be that Ukraine is all but finished off. Nevertheless a win for Northern Ireland not only secures a spot in the knockout round of sixteen, it may actually earn them a Group C victory if Poland stumbles against Ukraine. By no means is Poland a sure lock to win against Ukraine and therefore this possibility is not outside the realm of plausibility by any stretch. There have been many pundits that have criticized Germany’s play up to this point. We find this preposition all the more startling considering the Germans took care of business against Ukraine and acquired a draw against a talented Poland side. Nevertheless, many claim Germany looks uninspired and lacking a spark. Amazingly in spite of Germany looking dismal compared to the traditional play we have spectated from them, this squad is still offered at astronomically low odds. Playing on Germany simply seems like a trap. Northern Ireland has a much better chance of winning this contest than the odds forecast. Markets suggest Northern Ireland has about a 6% chance of winning, we would easily give them a likelihood of greater than 10%. With this being established at odds of 15/1, there is a significant chance for an overlay and we love that scenario. Let us not forget that Germany has lost to teams like Slovakia in international friendlies and thus no team is invulnerable from a shocking defeat. This play reinforces our position on laying juice and exposing bankrolls. For France backers, we finally saw the French hit their ceiling on Sunday and they were offered at perhaps their best odds against the Swiss. The result of that fixture would be scoreless draw, thus illustrating propensity. We are playing on Northern Ireland outright because the number dictates the play. Minimal risk with potentially enormous return. If at nothing else, we would simply encourage any takers to stay clear of Germany as a draw is certainly possible as well and once again renders any punter in a position of high risk if Germany does not come through as expected. Stay off Germany, take Northern Ireland outright, if they do win tournament bounties will be secured. For latest odds you can check a few recommended sportsbooks and betting exchanges