Germany vs Ghana Betting Tips & Odds

Germany vs Ghana start their 2nd matches of their tournament at the 2014 World Cup. The Group G match happens on June 21st, 2014 at 16:00 local time at Estadio Castalao in Fortaleza, Brazil. A win for Germany will send them on their way through and a loss by Ghana will end their tournament after losing to the Americans. Germany have already faced their biggest opponent in Portugal, however with a win over Ghana, they can possibly secure 1st in the group and if USA beat Portugal then the last game of the group will determine the group winner. estadio castelao

Germany vs Ghana Odds at Bet365

These odds were taken from Bet365 sportsbook which is one of the best sportsbooks around.
  • Germany win 1/3
  • Draw 19/4
  • Ghana win 9/1
  • Over 2.5 goals 8/13
  • Under 2.5 goals 5/4

Where to Bet on the World Cup

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Betting Tips

Ghana gave up a late goal to the US which is a game they really needed to win to give themselves a chance to make it out of this brutal group. That loss could have deflated this team and if Germany scores early, that might take the fighting spirit out of Ghana. The odds for Germany to win are not good at 1/3 but Germany are starting to look like the best team of the tournament who are just getting started. They are solid in every position and their structured style of play, worth ethic plus their offense should break down Ghana. So we highly recommend betting Over 2.5 goals 8/13 odds, a great payout on a game that is surely to feature at least 3 goals.

Prop Bets Germany vs Ghana

Prop bets are certainly more interesting to bet on than just who will win or if there will be a draw. If you think you can pick the exact score then you got some interesting odds to choose from:
  • 2-1 Germany win 15/2 odds
  • 3-0 Germany win 7/1 odds
  • 2-2 draw 22/1 odds

Goal Scorer Odds

  • Muller 1st half goal 7/2 odds
Until the starting lineup is announced, best to wait to bet although Thomas Muller is surely to continue his fine form. Germany simply have too many offensive threats so it is hard to say who will play and how long will they stay in the game for.